About Us

D​er Fuchs Vintage are a couple of Catalan people living in Arenys de Mar (Barcelona) whose ideals regarding clothing completely match with their passion for the old style. Something that started years ago as a hobby has become a way-of-living combining their love for old-time fashion with a claim for a more intelligent way to dress up. After converting their own home into a kind of Atelier, Der Fuchs Vintage wants to keep and share a certain bunch of principles. It is not only clothing, it is not only being "cool", it is not about accumulating as much vintage as possible as an investment for the future, our philosophy runs away from all these "clichés" about Vintage Clothing and puts special emphasis on:

- Moral. Since the 1940's to nowadays, the USA and Europe have produced enough clothing, most of it of an incredible quality which makes it still wearable for everyone. We fight against modern brands producing Cheap Clothing in Asian countries. We do support Vintage and Second Hand Clothing simply as a common-sense fact to fight against Laboral Slavery.

-Sustainability. The level of ecologic and environmental impact due to the production of massive Cheap Clothing to supply our "needs" in western countries will soon reach a point with no return.
The massive production and usage of chemicals (a very few natural products are used), overseas transportation of products and final delivery, "use it once and throw it away" clothes, all together makes the modern production of clothing one of the worse ecological enemies that our planet has faced.

- Affordability. Vintage Clothing should not be a luxury product. We do agree on the fact that many pieces can be considered almost as a piece of Art (30's/40's handpainted Hawaiian Shirts for example) but we really do not find it normal that a piece of clothing can cost thousands of euros. In the end, it is just clothing and it is meant to dress us up.

- Own personality. Vintage and Second Hand Clothing allows you to find your own style, to step out from the massive tendencies.

- History. Clothing talks about history. You can read social and political changes only by looking at the variations of fashion through the years. We made the clothing but the clothing also made us.

Aside from all that, let's enjoy Vintage!
Der Fuchs Vintage