A new website for a New Era

It was already time to renew our Der Fuchs website and all these lockdown days due to COVID-19 have made it possible. We always wanted to have a site where our users, followers, and friends could not only buy vintage clothing but also to find interesting content related to old times culture, history, music, photography, fashion, etc. and of course about finding vintage clothing around the world.

We felt that our old website was purely a selling place, too impersonal, too product-focused only and we wanted to change that. Of course, there'll be some of you only interested in buying vintage, and that's fine! But we needed to do something else out of our site. This will also be the place to talk to you about small things happening locally, small vintage events, curious shops, amazing findings that will not necessarily be for sale. We will start publishing all that kind of content very soon and it will be posted on our social media channels. 

It probably happened to many of you during these rare times we are living with the COVID-19 pandemic, we just need to rethink what we are doing, we have to renew our hopes and projects, we should just learn something out of all this, we gotta share not only earn. 

We also needed to move our store provider to a much better one, the functionalities of the old one were quite outdated, we hade many issues with automated notifications and other backend problems, so that was just another reason to take this step. 

Therefore, we want to invite you all to start this new experience with us and we kindly ask you to create a new user account in our online shop even if you already had one on our old website. For privacy reasons, we couldn't move our database to the new system, so we need you to register, it takes only one minute!

Please take a bit of time to navigate through the new site and do not hesitate to let us know your thoughts and please report any error or issue you might find when navigating. 

As a Welcome gift, get a 20% OFF in all purchases with voucher code HELLONEWSITE!

We thank you all for being with us in this New Era!